Hollín Overnight Trip

The Hollín River is a beautiful class III-IV river with crystal clear water that flows through a pristine jungle canyon. We offer an adrenaline filled, 2 day, one night adventure on the Hollín.

The first day starts bright and early and packs in about 8 hours of rafting on some technical class IV rapids. The river carries you through a cave and over a small waterfall on the first day. The views of the towering jungle canyon and plummeting waterfalls are breath taking! A riverside lunch is prepared and eaten around mid day and we stop to set up camp and eat dinner around 4:00pm. Dry off around the fire and sleep in tents in the riverside jungle. Day 2 is another full day on the river. Enjoy a campfire breakfast before hitting the rapids.

The second day brings bigger waves and less technical rapids as the Jondachi river joins with the Hollín for big water action. We stop for lunch along the river and make it to the take out by late afternoon.  

This trip is one you do not want to miss if you are looking for an adventure like no other. The views are gorgeous and rapids are a blast!