About Us

AquaXtreme is a local, family owned business which was created in 2005 by brothers Tovias and Daniel Robles. Together we have more than 30 years of river experience in both Ecuador and the USA. Our goal is to provide safe, unforgettable adventures through Ecuador's most precious resource, the Amazon rainforest. Whether you're traveling by water (kayak and raft trips) or by land (jungle tours), we provide knowledgeable, certified local guides who have been trained in their specialty, and carry up to date CPR and first aid certifications as well as swift water rescue and Wilderness first responder courses. We provide safety gear and first aid kits as well as an in-reach satellite cell phone for emergencies.

We will base the majority of our trip out of Tena. Tena is located 4 hours from Quito, in the heart of the Napo watershed, and is within an hour's drive of more than 20 paddling trips on over a dozen different rivers for every skill level. In addition to their continuous natural flows, Tena’s rivers are clean and warm, tropical waters and they have excellent accessibility.